Bloggers and Kanou / KANOU / MESH


In this post we’d like to thank to all the bloggers that posted Alice: they made great outfits and pictures and we encourage you to have a look to their wonderful blogs!

Briggy B

Pic by Briggy B.

Arya Braveheart

Pic by Arya Braveheart

Diana Roodvosje

Pic by Diana roosvosje

Mai Bella

Pic by Mai

Abia Capalini

Pic by Abia Capalini

Callie Tendances

Pic by Callie Tendances

Nicandra Laval

Pic by Nicandra Laval

Punki's Fashion

Pic by Punkis Fashion

Chalice carling

Pic by Chalice Carling

Lisamun Aronowicz

Pic by Lisamun Aronowicz

Alexa Sorex

Pic by Alexa Sorex

Lua Vendetta

Pic by Lua Vendetta

Katlene Niven

Pic by Katlene Niven

Pic by Emlies Lavender

Pic by Andie Lavender

Dove Triellis

Pic by Dove Triellis

Xela Woodford

Pic by Xela Woodford

Fayette Aeon

Pic by Fayette Aeon


Pic by Deeta Aeon

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